Table 3

SIR of COPD in adoptees with biological parent(s) diagnosed with COPD (N=80 214)

Age at diagnosis (years)MalesFemalesAll
<50341.691.17 to 2.37502.071.54 to 2.73841.901.51 to 2.35
50–59552.111.59 to 2.75682.041.59 to 2.591232.071.72 to 2.47
≥60221.020.64 to 1.54541.891.42 to 2.46761.511.19 to 1.89
All1111.641.35 to 1.971722.001.71 to 2.322831.841.63 to 2.07
  • Bold: 95% CI does not include 1.00.SIRs are adjusted for sex (not sex-specific SIRs), age, time period, geographic region of residence and educational level. SIRs for males are calculated only for males with and without a family history, and SIRs for females are calculated only for females with and without a family history.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; O, observed number of cases; SIR, standardised incidence ratio.