Table 2

Contents of each individual SLiM session

Session 1Get to know each other
Weight loss expectations
Goal setting (SMART)
Healthy eating
Daily living activity ideas
Food and mood diary
Increase intake of water
SMART nutrition goal
Session 2Energy balance
Macronutrient calories
Regular meals
Menu planning
Healthy cooking methods
Reduce portions by 25%
SMART physical activity goal
Making your meals more balanced
Session 3Behavioural modification
Eating behaviour
Conscious eating
Thoughts, feelings, behaviours
Increase variety of fruit and vegetables
Trigger identification and use techniques to help
Change a negative thought to positive one
Session 4Portion control
Recommended serving sizes
Label reading
Use low Glycaemic Index information
Complete virtual shopping tour sheet
Session 5Virtual shopping tripReflection on the past 6 months and skills learnt to help achieve goals
Session 6Thanks to everyone
High-risk situation,
Support and reward
How to continue—maintenance
  • SLiM, Specialist Lifestyle Management; SMART, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.