Table 1

Participant characteristics

Participant characteristicDescription
Interviewee's relationship to child*27 mothers4 fathers
Interviewee's ageMedian 36 years old (range 26 years to 46 years)
Age of most affected childMedian 3 years (range 7 months old to 5 years old)
Eczema severity (parent asked if mild, moderate or severe)16 mild10 moderate2 severe
Consulting history14 GP only5 Dermatology nurse9 Dermatology and/or allergy clinic
Family structureNumber of children in household median 2 (range 1 to 4); 27 households with both parents, 1 household with mother only
Interviewees’ employment status*14 full-time carers; 8 professional; 8 other such as admin or retail; 1 student
Ethnicity*25 white British; 3 black or Asian British; 2 white non-British; one mixed heritage British
  • *Total 31 interviewees from 28 families as three couples were interviewed together. GP, general practitioner.