Table 3

Comparison of M-OS, M-TTP and M-PFS, between the vaccine and control groups

EventNumber of trialsNumber of ptsNumber of ptsMean difference95% CIp ValueHeterogeneity (I2), %HR95% CIp ValueHeterogeneity (I2), %
M-OS914–18 20 21 23 2413629852.771.79 to 3.75<0.00001990.7600.644 to 0.8960.00124.9
M-TTP315 22 2311136931.000.39 to 1.610.00199NANANANA
M-PFS414 19–219986481.030.31 to 1.740.005970.8420.744 to 0.9540.0070
  • Significant difference: p value <0.05. M-OS, median overall survival; M-PFS, median progression-free survival; M-TTP, median time to progression; NA, not available; pts, patients.