TableĀ 1

Jadad Scale for the 11 randomised controlled studies

Included studiesRandomisationAllocation concealmentBlindingLost to follow-upITT analysisBaselineQuality grading
Alfonso et al14AAAAAAA
Butts et al15AAAAAAA
Butts et al16AABAAAB
Butts et al17AABAAAB
Manegold et al18AABAAAB
Mitchell et al19AAAAAAA
Nemunaitis et al20ABBAAAB
Nemunaitis et al21ABBAAAB
O'Brien et al22AABAAAB
Quoix et al23AABAAAB
Vinageras et al24AABAAAB
  • Each criterion is graded as follows: A: adequate, with correct procedure; B: not described in sufficient detail to allow a definite judgement and C: inadequate procedures, methods or information. The grades of each criterion were added up and used to compare study quality in a quantitative manner. Each involved study has been graded in the last column (quality grading) as follows: A: studies have a low risk of bias, which were scored as grade A for all items; B: studies have a moderate risk of bias with one or more grades of B and C: studies have a high risk of bias with one or more grades of C.

  • ITT, intention to treat.