Table 6

Examples of diet with medium polyamine content with one can of Polydol per day

BreakfastStarterMain courseDessertStarterMain courseDessert
Green or Ceylon tea
+ Wholemeal bread
+ Butter and honey
+ Orange Juice
Tomato salad dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegarRoast chicken with porcini mushrooms
+ Farfalle with butter
Natural yoghurt with honeyCarpaccio raw zucchini with lemon and parmesanQuiche Lorraine with tuna (puff pastry + egg + cream + canned tuna + broccoli)Breton cake
+ Polydol caramel flavour
+ Milk with cocoa and chocolate granola cereal
+ Grapefruit juice
Cucumber with seasoning (cream and wine vinegar)Stuffed eggplant (with minced beef)
+ Semolina
Apricot tartPolydol vegetable flavourCauliflower gratin with bacon, cream and Comté cheeseCottage cheese
+ Raspberries