TableĀ 5

Examples of PRD with two cans of Polydol per day

BreakfastStarterMain courseDessertStarterMain courseDessert
Wheat bread
+ butter
+ honey
+ Polydol coffee taste
Celery remouladeShelley White gratin ham and cream cheeseApplesauce and butter biscuitLamb's lettuceOnion tart (puff pastry + onion + butter)Polydol chocolate flavour
Tea (Ceylon or green)
or coffee
+ Polydol caramel taste
Rice salad
+ pepper
+ Emmental cheese
Gratin of asparagus (Asparagus + Parmesan) and tuna steakRaw pear and melted dark chocolatePuff pastry with anchovy filletsWok fried rice with onions and diced grilled chipolataPolydol caramel flavour
  • PRD, polyamine-reduced diet.