Table 4

Examples of PRD with three cans of Polydol per day

BreakfastStarterMain courseDessertStarterMain courseDessert
Grilled bread wheat
+ butter and honey
+ Polydol coffee taste
+ lamb's lettuce
+ olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Halibut fillet and melted leeks with parmesan creamPolydol caramel tasteBeetrootsPolydol biscuit flavourFloating island
Polydol coffee taste
+wheat toast
+ strawberry jam
+ grape juice
Lamb's lettuce
+ feta cheese
Plain omelette, green beans and butterPolydol chocolate flavourPolydol vegetable flavourSautéed Veal and pumpkin pureeCottage cheese with apricot jam
  • PRD, polyamine-reduced diet.