Table 3

A selection of the investigations and actions recorded for patients presenting with seizure (percentage of all patients and median (IQR) for hospital sites; excludes 40 patients who died in hospital)

 Patients with diagnosis of epilepsyPatients with known blackouts or seizures, but no epilepsyPatients with neither prior epilepsy nor blackouts/seizures
Mean (%) n=2759Site median (%) n=154IQR by siteMean (%) n=767Site median (%) n=154IQR by siteMean (%) n=1011Site median (%) n=154IQR by site
Either CT or MRI22.419.010–3132.933.313–5655.854.533–78
Management of future seizures discussed with the patient or carers28.018.610–3826.820.00–3926.720.00–43
Any epilepsy specialist referral as an outpatient43.642.927–5959.060.041–8054.954.538–75
Seen by epilepsy specialist at/in the hospital21.618.29–3318.912.50–3319.110.00–25
Either or both of the two rows above48.850.030–6763.366.744–8360.662.543–80