Table 2

A selection of the assessments made for patients presenting with seizure (percentage of all patients and median (IQR) for hospital sites)—a full list is available from

 Patients with diagnosis of epilepsyPatients with known blackouts or seizures, but no epilepsyPatients with neither prior epilepsy nor blackouts/seizures
Mean (%) n=2759Site median (%) n=154IQR by siteMean (%) n=767Site median (%) n=154IQR by siteMean (%) n=1011Site median (%) n=154IQR by site
Glasgow Coma Scale score89.091.882–9991.8100.086–10090.3100.083–100
Plantar reflex tested30.025.013–4235.933.314–5941.740.020–60
Fundi examined12.64.90–1215.60.00–2518.50.00–25
Eyewitness history taken or sought66.368.252–8569.275.050–10075.180.062–100
Review by a senior doctor in ED57.556.342–7359.260.040–8058.660.040–80
Documentation of general alcohol intake37.236.621–4853.850.033–7548.040.025–67
  • ED, emergency department.