Table 9

Classification statistics for each algorithm in the validation cohort based on the top 10% of patients at highest predicted risk of each cancer in women

Type of cancerCut-off 10 year risk (top 10%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Observed risk at 10 years (%)
Blood cancer1.4838.190.11.88
Bowel cancer2.0445.590.32.97
Breast cancer3.4027.590.24.42
Gastro-oesophageal cancer0.6553.390.11.07
Lung cancer1.4367.390.23.91
Oral cancer0.1742.390.00.32
Ovarian cancer0.7028.190.00.87
Pancreas cancer0.5050.090.00.76
Renal tract cancer0.9446.690.11.37
Uterine cancer0.7242.690.11.20