Table 7

Summary of adjusted HRs in the derivation cohort for risk of future cancers significantly associated with prior cancers at baseline

WomenBloodBowelLungOralPancreasRenal tractGastro-oesophagealBreastOvarianUterine cancer
Prior blood cancerNA1.934.541.632.141.57
Prior bowel cancerNA1.441.56
Prior brain cancer4.1210.18
Prior breast cancer1.161.531.381.31NA1.622.49
Prior cervical cancer1.741.582.561.60
Prior lung cancerNA2.281.86
Prior oral cancer2.83NA3.84
Prior ovarian cancer1.591.981.644.142.621.42NA
Prior renal cancer1.741.97NA
Prior uterine cancer1.611.532.12NA
MenBloodBowelLungOralPancreasRenal tractGastro-oesophagealProstate
Prior blood cancerNA1.531.912.341.71
Prior bowel cancerNA1.21.621.25
Prior gastro-oesophageal cancer1.79NA
Prior lung cancer1.87NA2.871.78
Prior oral cancer1.622.86NA2.65
Prior pancreatic cancerNA4.16
Prior prostate cancer1.46NA
Prior renal cancer1.461.50NA
  • NA, not applicable.