Table 3

Professional user feedback to electronic survey attitude statements

QuestionGroups askedDisagree/strongly disagree (% of all responses)Neither disagree or agreeAgree/strongly agree (% of all responses)
(total responses)(% of all responses)
Ease of use
 I find it easy to use FloClin (n=60)11 (18.3)8 (13.3)41 (68.4)
 Flo is easy to useCTF/CL (n=17)1 (5.9)0 (0.0)16 (94.1)
 Patients find it easy to use FloClin/CL (n=63)14 (22.3)13 (20.6)36 (57.2)
 Practices find it easy to use FloCTF (n=13)0 (0.0)0 (0.0)13 (100.0)
Patients’ texted responses are accurateClin/CTF/CL (n=77)5 (6.5)28 (36.4)44 (57.2)
Patients that use Flo develop a greater understanding of their condition(s)/medication/lifestyle choicesClin (n=60)12 (20.0)27 (45.0)21 (35.0)
Using Flo helps clinicians save timeClin/CTF (n=74)25 (33.8)20 (27.0)29 (39.2)
Practices are keen to engage with this method of service deliveryCTF/CL (n=16)1 (6.3)6 (37.5)9 (56.3)
Using Florence is cost-effective as it prevents follow-up visits to GP, enhances appropriate medication use and/or reduces secondary care useCL (n=3)1 (33.3)0 (0.0)2 (66.7)
  • Results in bold represent majority view.

  • CL, clinical lead/champion; CTF, clinical telehealth facilitator; Clin, clinician user; Flo, Florence; GP, general practitioner.