Table 3

Themes, subcategories and examples of comments made in response to open-ended questions in the study with 121 Aboriginal smokers in regional New South Wales, Australia

Negatives about smokingDisgust‘I hate it’, ‘horrible’, ‘disgusting’, ‘filthy dirty habit’, ‘shitty’, ‘it stinks’
Dependence‘too far gone to break the habit’, ‘I depend on it’, ‘very addictive’
Regret‘didn't think about what I was doing when I was younger’, ‘wish I never started’
Cost‘very expensive’, ‘over paying price’
Stigma‘really bad social stigma’, ‘fed up being told we're bad’
Health effectsHealth‘watched my father die from heart disease...sits in the back of your mind’, ‘just lost my mother from cancer…don't want to end up like her’
Protecting others‘don't want to touch baby with smoking hands’, government should ban cigarettes, ‘break the cycle’
Misconceptions‘I've seen elders give up then develop cancer’, ‘I'm scared quitting will cause cancer’
QuittingWanting to quit‘don't want to smoke any more’, ‘wish I could give up’, ‘I'm trying to quit’
Willpower‘it's a matter of willpower’, ‘I know my own willpower’
Support‘would like to have group support, not do it alone’
Quit medications‘patches don't work for me’, doctor told some that medication was unsuitable, requests for further information, desire to try medication
DenialSmoking is no problem‘don't think much about it’, ‘not much to say about it’, ‘don't really see myself as a smoker’
Quitting not a priority‘not worried about quitting at the moment’, ‘couldn't be bothered [to quit]’, ‘smoking is a convenience’
Enjoyment‘I like it, makes me feel better’, ‘I enjoy having a cigarette’,
Social aspectsSocial and family influences‘more of a social thing’, ‘doing it with the crowd’, ‘family all smoked’
Alcohol‘a few more with drinks’, ‘need a smoke to go with a drink’
‘Smoking helps me cope’Stress relief‘gets me through the day’, ‘calms your nerves’, ‘helps me cope with stress and anxiety’,
Stress as barrier‘tried to give up often…but its relaxing’, ‘be stressed out all day [if didn't smoke]’
Time out‘sit and have a smoke for 5 minutes and I can think’, ‘time out from the kids’
Dealing with weight‘that's why I restarted smoking, to loose weight [after childbirth]’