Table 2

Baseline age-adjusted and sex-adjusted mean value (or percentage, where stated) by level of education attained

 Educational attainment
TertiarySecondaryPrimary or none
n20 95524 19041 690
Age (year)565861
Female (%)414454
BMI (kg/m2)25.326.026.9
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)132135136
Total blood cholesterol (mmol/L)5.475.575.63
Cigarette smokers (%)101922
Alcohol drinkers (%)*868273
Diabetes (%)
n25 774132 85357 574
 Age (year)504855
 Female (%)303960
 Body mass index (kg/m2)22.722.923.3
 Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)123124124
 Total blood cholesterol (mmol/L)4.894.844.79
 Cigarette smokers (%)163042
 Alcohol drinkers (%)*162033
 Diabetes (%)†
  • *Excludes Canberra, Anzhen 02 and Xian studies, where information on alcohol drinking was not collected. All tests for trend have p<0.0001 except †p=0.25.