Table 3

Proportion of respondents aware of the ‘Alcohol and Cancer’ campaign and their reactions to it following waves I and III of the campaign

Survey 1Survey 2
Per centPer cent
Campaign awareness(n=206)(n=155)
 Recall (unprompted)27.834.9
 Recognition (prompted)*67.581.2†
Reactions to the campaign among those who recognised the television advertisement(n=119)(n=126)
 Prompted recall of message 1: ‘There is a link between drinking alcohol and getting cancer’91.395.6
 Prompted recall of message 2: ‘The more alcohol you drink, and the more often, the greater your risk of cancer’78.181.8
 Prompted recall of message 3: ‘You can stay at low risk of developing cancer by drinking no more than two standard drinks on a regular basis’75.790.1†
 Recall correct number of drinks (two) mentioned in television advertisement92.094.0
 As a result of seeing the ad, I feel motivated to reduce my own alcohol consumption§48.649.8
 As a result of seeing the ad, I am concerned about the amount of alcohol people in my social circles drink77.780.9
  • *Recognition of Spread and/or Stains for survey 1 respondents and recognition of Spread for survey 2 respondents.

  • †Significantly different to survey 2 at p<0.05 level after controlling for age group, location, education level, household composition and drinking behaviour.

  • ‡For survey 1, these questions were only asked of those respondents who recognised the first of two campaign advertisements they were randomly shown.

  • §Question not asked of non-drinkers.