Table 2

Respondent characteristics by evaluation survey

CharacteristicBaseline (n=136)Survey 1 (n=206)Survey 2 (n=155)Test statistic
Per centPer centPer cent
Age groupχ2(4)=0.65, p=0.957
 25–34 years29.431.132.3
 35–44 years39.736.435.5
 45–54 years30.932.532.3
Locationχ2(2)=1.69, p=0.430
Education levelχ2(2)=4.19, p=0.123
 Did not complete tertiary71.376.266.5
 Completed tertiary28.723.833.5
Household compositionχ2(6)=14.19, p=0.028
 Couple with child(ren)56.660.749.0
 Couple with no children12.513.625.2
 One parent family with child(ren)8.810.27.1
 Single or other22.115.518.7
Drinking behaviour*χ2(4)=2.23, p=0.693
 ≤2 standard drinks per day†
 >2 standard drinks per day†25.924.628.0
  • Percentages are based on unweighted data and are rounded off, so they may not sum to 100%.

  • *Missing data for 13 respondents who refused to indicate how many standard drinks they have on average on a day when they drink.

  • †Average number of standard drinks respondent had on a day when they consumed alcohol over the past 3 months.