Table 2

Sensitivity and specificity for reports of age-disparate relationships

 Man ≥5 years olderMan ≥10 years older
Male respondentFemale respondentMale respondentFemale respondent
Prevalence (%)40.257.813.923.8
Sensitivity (%)78.1(75.9–80.1)79.6(78.5–80.6)61.6(57.3–65.7)72.6(70.7–74.4)
Specificity (%)79.2(77.4–80.8)88.5(87.5–89.4)93.6(92.7–94.4)94.8(94.2–95.3)
Positive predictive value (%)71.6(69.4–73.7)90.4(89.6–91.2)60.8(56.5–64.9)81.3(79.5–82.9)
Negative predictive value (%)84.3(82.7–85.8)76.0(74.8–77.2)93.8(92.9–94.6)91.7(91.1–92.3)
Area under ROC curve (%)78.684.077.683.7
  • Prevalence: proportion of all relationships that are age disparate at the relevant cut-off. Sensitivity: proportion of truly age-disparate relationships reported as age disparate. Specificity: proportion of truly non-age-disparate relationships reported as non-age-disparate. Positive predictive value: proportion of relationships reported age disparate that truly are age disparate. Negative predictive value: proportion of relationships reported non-age-disparate that truly are non-age-disparate.

  • ROC, receiver-operator characteristic.