Table 5

Sections and subsections of final leaflet

The purpose of this manual
What is the spine?
What is a disc?
What has happened to my disc?
What is the aim of lumbar discectomy surgery?
What happens during surgery?
The benefit of lumbar discectomy surgery
What are the risks?
How should I feel after the surgery?
Going home
Being active
Timescales to guide you0–4 weeks after surgery
4–8 weeks after surgery
12 weeks onwards
What exercises should I do and how should I do them?Ankle movements
Knee rolling
Hip and knee bends
Back arching
Back side bends
Transversus abdominis
Bent knee dropout
Back arches on all fours
Day to day advice—prevention is better than cure
Pace yourself
Frequently asked questionsWill my symptoms go after surgery
How soon can I get up after my surgery?
Will I be in pain?
Will I receive physiotherapy following surgery?
How long will I stay in hospital?
When do my stitches come out?
How long will it take to recover?
When will I be able to walk?
How soon can I have a bath after surgery?
When will I be able to walk up the stairs?
When can I return to work?
When can I drive?
When can I have sex?
When should I return to low-impact exercise and sport?
When should I return to high-impact exercise and sport?
When can I lift?
Useful contacts