TableĀ 2

Themes identified from round 1 open questions

Normal anatomy of the spineKey principles of the section
Explanations of anatomy
Explanations of function
Explanation of disc protrusion
Terminology to be used in this section
Anatomy of disc herniation and the surgery following itStructure of the section
Key principles of the section
Language to be used in this section
Descriptions of a disc herniation
Benefits and potential risks of surgery
Advice about going home
Explanations of the surgical procedure
Effects of the herniation on the nerves
Strategies on how to protect your backKey principles of the section
Messages on prevention
Immediate postoperative advice
Advice about specific aspects of function
Advice about exercises
Frequently asked questionsKey principles of the section
Format of the section
Questions that should be asked
Other headings or contentPostural advice
Information from previous patients
Items on short-term self-care
Injury recurrence
Dos and don'ts
Surgery information
Exercise advice
Restoration of function
Future care