Table 1

Variables assessed at each time point

Baseline measures3-month, 6-month and 12-month follow-up assessments
Demographic details (age, occupation, ethnicity)
Sexual health outcomes
Sexual partnersSexual partners
Condom use—episodes and partnersCondom use—episodes and partners
Self-reported STI diagnosesSelf-reported STI diagnoses
Contraception use and pregnancyContraception use and pregnancy
Health-related quality of lifeHealth-related quality of life
Service use
Mediators of condom use
Motivation to use condomsMotivation to use condoms
Intentions to use condomsIntentions to use condoms
Beliefs about pleasureBeliefs about pleasure
Non-condom use due to intoxicationNon-condom use due to intoxication
Evaluation of condom use
Condom problems