Table 1

Characteristics of the study population at baseline (1998–2001) in the tonsillectomy and no tonsillectomy (comparison) groups

Tonsillectomy ≤3 ATI consultations (N=450)No tonsillectomy ≤3 ATI consultations (N=13 442)t Test
Mean (SD) age8.6 (3.4)9.3 (3.6)p<0.001
Mean (SD) number of ATI consultations in 3 years prior to index date1.3 (1.1)0.4 (0.8)p<0.001
Mean (SD) number of antibiotics in 3 years prior to index date3.7 (3.9)2.1 (2.7)p<0.001
nPer centnPer centχ2 test
Deprivation quintile
 1 (least deprived)10523284821p=0.10
 5 (most deprived)10323354526
 Cardiac disease and defects20110p=0.07
 Down's syndrome31150p=0.02
 ≥1 corticosteroid inhaler prescription12027325924p=0.24
  • p Values shown in bold where statistically significant.

  • ATI, acute throat infection.