Table 1

List of HIV/AIDS journals and selected journals with moderate or higher 5-year impact listed in the Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports factor in the year 201216

NoAbbreviated journal titleFive-year impact factor (IF)
All HIV/AIDS journals
2AIDS Patient Care STDS2.9
3AIDS Res Hum Retrov2.4
4AIDS Res Ther
5AIDS Rev4
6Afr J AIDS Res0.5
7Curr Opin HIV AIDS3.2
8Int J STD AIDS1.1
9J Assoc Nurse AIDS C1.3
10J Int AIDS Soc
11Curr HIV Res1.9
12Curr Opin HIV AIDS3.2
13HIV Clin Trials2
14HIV Med3.3
15South Afr J HIV Med0.6
16J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr4.6
Selected journals with moderate or higher IF (3)
1New Engl J Med50.8
4Nat Med27.1
7Ann Intern Med16.3
8Lancet Infect Dis18.1
9J Infect Dis5.9
10Clin Infect Dis9.0
11Cochrane Database Syst Rev6.6
12PLoS Med16.4
13Emerg Infect Dis6.3
14Am J Public Health4.8
15Curr Opin Infect Dis4.6
16Clin Microbiol Infect4.5
17Antivir Ther3.4
18Am J Infect Control3.3
19BMC Infect Dis3.1