Table 3

Comparative analysis of average mortality outcomes by residence and occurrence for groups of Mexican states exhibiting a more or less permissive abortion legislation, 2002–2011

IndicatorLess permissiveMore permissiveRate ratio*p†
MMRBy residence38.349.60.7722<0.001
By occurrence39.149.30.7922<0.001
MMRAOBy residence2.73.70.7110<0.001
By occurrence2.83.70.7491<0.001
iAMRBy residence0.91.70.5358<0.001
By occurrence0.91.70.5337<0.001
Proportion of induced abortion-related deathsBy residence2.4%3.4%<0.001
By occurrence2.3%3.5%<0.001
  • *Z-test rate ratio.

  • Z-test p value.

  • ‡Not applicable.

  • iAMR, induced abortion mortality ratio; MMR, maternal mortality ratio; MMRAO, MMR with abortive outcome.