Table 2

Average change per year in different maternal mortality outcomes by place of residence and occurrence in groups of Mexican states with more or less permissive abortion legislation and the entire country (2002–2011) based on ARIMA models

By place of residence
 Less permissive states (18)−0.5630.4050.2020.0300.0570.615−0.0100.0190.619
 More permissive states (14)−1.7660.276<0.001−0.1230.0400.016−0.0960.0250.005
 United Mexican States (32)−1.2580.2860.002−0.0560.0320.121−0.0580.0170.010
By place of occurrence
 Less permissive states (18)−0.4870.4280.2880.0250.0610.688−0.0110.0200.602
 More permissive states (14)−1.7640.275<0.001−0.1120.0400.022−0.0920.0230.004
 United Mexican States (32)−1.2580.2860.002−0.0560.0320.121−0.0580.0170.010
  • *β-coefficient representing the average change per year for trend of MMR per 100 000 live births between 2002 and 2011.

  • †SE for β-coefficient obtained between 2002 and 2011 with ARIMA.

  • ‡p Value for trend between 2002 and 2011.

  • ARIMA, Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average; iAMR, induced abortion mortality ratio; MMR, maternal mortality ratio MMRAO, MMR with any abortive outcome.