Table 1

Current abortion legislations based on criminal exemptions from prosecution of abortion in 32 Mexican states exhibiting a more (m) or less (l) permissive abortion legislation

RapeImprudential conductRisk to the life of the motherGenetic or congenital malformationSerious risk to the health of the motherArtificial insemination without consentEconomic
or social reasons
On demand
Aguascalientes (l)
Baja California (l)
Baja California Sur (m)
Campeche (l)
Coahuila (m)
Colima (m)
Chiapas (m)
Chihuahua (l)
Distrito Federal (m)
Durango (l)
Guanajuato (l)
Guerrero (m)
Hidalgo (m)
Jalisco (l)
México (m)
Michoacán (l)
Morelos (m)
Nayarit (l)
Nuevo León (l)
Oaxaca (m)
Puebla (m)
Querétaro (l)
Quintana Roo (m)
San Luis Potosí (l)
Sinaloa (l)
Sonora (l)
Tabasco (l)
Tamaulipas (l)
Tlaxcala (l)
Veracruz (m)
Yucatán (m)
Zacatecas (l)
  • Official criminal legislation for each state were reviewed and extracted from the National Office for the Judiciary.38 Operational definitions of more or less permissive legislation were according to criminal exemption from prosecution of abortion in case of genetic or congenital malformation.