Table 2

Patient experience of the most recent GP appointment in the past 6 months and registered practice: views of registered and day patients compared with all GPPS patients in pilot practices

GPPS* and OoA registered patients aged 18+, who saw/spoke† to GP/nurse in past 6 months, DPs registered with a GP practiceGPPS patients in pilot practices, %OoA registered patients, %DPs, %
Overall experience of making an appointment
 Very good37.447.159.6
 Fairly good39.437.227.7
 Fairly poor6.55.54.3
 Very poor3.12.2
How good was the GP at…
Giving you enough time
 Very good53.156.063.6
 Very poor1.91.8
Treating you with care/concern
 Very good51.659.360.6
 Very poor2.31.9
Have confidence/trust in GP
 To some extent28.222.230.3
 Not at all5.43.73.0
 Do not know1.83.13.0
Overall experience of practice
 Very good47.157.3NA
 Fairly good41.636.0NA
 Fairly poor3.31.0NA
 Very poor1.02.6NA
  • *GPPS year 7, wave 1, July to September 2012.

  • †DPs were only asked if they saw a GP or nurse.

  • ‡Bases vary, bases shown are for ‘overall experience of making an appointment.’

  • DPs, day patients; GPPS, General Practice Patient Survey; GP, general practitioner; OoA, out of area; NA, not applicable.