Table 1

Demographic and health characteristics of out of area registered and day patient survey respondents compared with all GPPS patients in pilot practices

Base: aged 18+All GPPS* patients in pilot practices, %All OoA registered patients, %All day patients, %
Economic activity
 Full-time work46.965.865.6
 Part-time work10.85.48.2
 Full-time education5.19.58.2
 Permanently sick6.71.4
 Other activity7.55.73.2
Journey time to work (for those in work)
 Up to 30 min57.930.540.0
 30 min or more34.666.260.0
 Live on site7.53.3
Is a parent (dependent children under 16 years)23.610.113.1
Is an unpaid carer15.13.88.3
Has longstanding health condition42.632.233.3
None of the listed medical conditions5.167.957.7
  • *GPPS uses year 7 data, July to September 2012.

  • †Bases vary, bases shown are for gender.

  • GPPS, General Practice Patient Survey; OoA, out of area.