Table 1

Complete overview on assessments and moments of assessment among participating patients in the ReSpAct study

DomainVariables/instrumentsT0* (A)T0* (B)T0* (C)T1T2T3
Primary and secondary outcomes
 PAAdapted SQUASH, based on refs 38 53XXXX
Sport activities as part of rehabilitation care and self-initiated sport activitiesXXXX
 Sedentary behaviourTransport by motor vehicle, sitting, lying and sleepingXXXX
 Health-related quality of lifeAdapted RAND-36, based on refs 64–67XXXX
Visual analogue scale on patient's self-rated healthXXXX
Potential factors that help explain differences in patients’ PA behaviour—patient characteristics
 GeneralDemographics and anthropological dataX
Weight and family and living situationXXXX
 LifestyleAlcohol useXX
Unexpected serious eventsXXXX
 Stage of changeStage of change (past), based on ref 54X
Stage of change (current)54XXXX
Stage of changeAssessed by C† 
 Psychosocial factorsSelf-image related to sports (past)X
Self-image related to sports (current)X
Attitude, based on refs 55 56XXXX
Self-efficacy, based on ref 54XXXX
Perceived social support, based on refs 57 58XXXX
Perceived barriers of being physically active, based on refs 59 60XXXX
Perceived reasons to be physically activeXXXX
 MotivationBehavior Exercise Regulation Questionnaire61XXXX
 Medical status and medical historyDiagnosisX
Change of medical statusXXX
Acceptance of the disease/disability68 69XXXX
Physical problems70XXXX
 Fatigue and pacingFatigue Severity Scale62 63XXXX
Perceived fatigueXXX
Average activity levelXXX
Potential factors that help explain differences in patients’ PA behaviour—programme characteristics
 TreatmentContext of rehabilitation (rehabilitation centre vs hospital)Assessed by C 
Treatment formAssessed by C
Duration of rehabilitation treatmentAssessed by C
 ConsultationsDate, duration and methods of each contactAssessed by C
MI applied for each patient contactAssessed by C
 Patient–counsellor interpersonal interactionInvolvement counsellor in rehabilitation periodX
Patient experience with the face-to-face consultationX
Patient experience with the telephone counselling consultationsX
  • *Baseline measurement consists of three parts: A, B and C.

  • †C, counsellor.

  • MI, Motivational Interviewing; PA, physical activity; ReSpAct, Rehabilitation, Sports and Active lifestyle; SQUASH, Short QUestionnaire to ASsess Health enhancing physical activity.