Table 5

Diagnostic performance of ‘non-reproducible CWT’ and ‘troponin’ for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome

Non-reproducible CWTSerial troponin
95% CIp Value95% CIp Value
Sensitivity92.9%66.1% to 98.8%0.00385.7%57.2 to 97.8%0.000
Specificity48.6%38.8% to 58.5%86.9%79.0% to 92.65%
PPV19.1%10.6% to 30.5%46.2%26.61% to 66.1%
NPV98.1%89.9% to 99.7%97.9%92.6% to 99.7%
Positive LR1.81.4 to to 11.2
Negative LR0.150.02 to to 0.6
OR1.6 to 97.30.01739.98.1 to 197.20.000
  • CWT, chest wall tenderness; LR, likelihood ratio; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.