Table 4

Factors associated with patient-reported intention to seek help from a healthcare professional*

VariableOR95% CI range
Gender (female)
 Male0.820†0.743 to 0.905
Age group (18–34 years)
 35–54 years1.0950.958 to 1.250
 55 years and above0.679†0.570 to 0.809
Education (secondary and above)
 Primary or no formal education0.657†0.568 to 0.760
Marital status (married)
 Being single, divorced or widow0.862†0.770 to 0.965
Employment status (employed)
 Being unemployed, retired, housemaker or student0.9350.826 to 1.059
Household monthly income (≤HK$ 30 000)
 >HK$ 30 0001.342†1.206 to 1.492
District of residence (Hong Kong Island)
 Kowloon0.9950.875 to 1.130
 New Territories and Outlying Islands1.0680.951 to 1.200
Physical comorbidities (none)
 At least one1.0940.973 to 1.230
Family history of mental illness (no)
 Yes1.457†1.230 to 1.727
Self-reported doctor diagnosed depression (no)
 Yes0.9440.739 to 1.206
Self-reported doctor diagnosed other MI (no)
 Yes0.8240.596 to 1.138
Presence of past help-seeking action from professional (none)
 At least one3.400†2.590 to 4.463
PHQ-9 score at baseline (≤9)
 >90.8880.754 to 1.047
Service sector (private)
 Public1.0290.899 to 1.178
  • Brackets indicate reference categories.

  • Hosmer and Lemeshow test suggested an adequate model fit, χ2=7.549, p=0.479.

  • *Respondents included all cross-sectional participants at baseline.

  • †Statistically significant at p<0.05.

  • PHQ, Patient Health Questionnaire.