Table 4

Results of meta-regression analyses

Dependent variableIndependent variableKβ*95% CIp Value
PregnancyES—anxiety60.190.06 to 0.310.004
Mean age9−0.05−0.19 to 0.100.534
Intervention duration90.01−0.03 to 0.060.669
Number of sessions9−0.00−0.08 to 1.070.922
Study quality (quality scores)†10−0.02−0.09 to 0.040.477
Psych. combinedMean age32−0.05−0.12 to −0.020.214
Intervention duration320.01−0.02 to 0.040.518
Number of sessions270.03−0.01 to 0.070.150
Study quality (quality scores)†‡35−0.02−0.06 to 0.020.415
  • *Mixed effects regression: unrestricted maximum likelihood.

  • †Modified Jadad quality score.

  • ‡p Values for individual psychological outcomes; 0.09 (anxiety)–0.58 (depression).

  • Bold typeface indicates a significant result. ES, effect size; Psych, psychological outcomes.