Table 2

Factors influencing poor glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetes using insulin

1Lifestyle challenges in adhering to medical recommendations1. Difficulty integrating diabetes medical recommendations into work–life schedule
2. Inability to control food cravings and eating habits
3. Inappropriate diet recommendations by HCPs
4. Health-limiting conditions affecting exercise
2Psychosocial issues and emotional hurdles1. Psychosocial problems affecting diabetes self-care management
2. Loss of motivation
3. Perceived poor glycaemic control as part of ageing
3Diabetes-treatment-related factors1. Side effects of insulin
2. Perception of appropriate dietary practices related to insulin
4Lack of knowledge about and self-efficacy in diabetes self-care1. Lack of knowledge of glycaemic level and target
2. Lack of self-efficacy in adjustment of insulin dosage
  • HCP, healthcare provider.