Table 1

Participants in the survey to identify uncertainties and source of suggestions classified as in-scope

Registered for survey (n=475)Submitted at least one suggestion (n=369)Source of suggestions within scope (n=356)
NPer centNPer centNPer cent
 Paediatric neurologist71.571.930.8
 Speech and language therapist296.1195.1123.4
 Occupational therapist398.2359.54913.8
 Specialist health visitor10.210.310.3
 Administrator or manager10.210.300
 Health professional (not further specified)112.310.330.8
 Parent and health professional51.120.5102.8
 Part of an organisation supporting disabled people296.120.582.2
 Parent, carer, relative of someone with neurodisability18338.513837.410328.9
 Young person aged 24 or under with neurodisability112.361.630.8
 Person aged 25 or over with a neurodisability81.710.300
 Missing data20.420.520.6
 England (not London)15031.612233.19225.8
 Northern Ireland51.120.520.6
 Outside UK30.620.520.6
 Missing data24651.819753.423465.7
  • The ‘registered’ and ‘submitted at least one suggestion’ columns represent individuals; the ‘source of suggestions within scope’ column includes some items where an individual may have made more than one suggestion.

  • GP, general practitioner.