Table 2

Number of deaths and adjusted HR* for patients with different level of socioeconomic deprivation (SED) in the Anhui cohort study, China

ParticipantsNumber of deaths/participantsMortality rate (%)†HR95% CIp ValueRatio of HR‡95% CIp Value
Patients without stroke501/2310(3.7)Ref
Patients with stroke
Educational level*
 >Primary school18/64(6.0)1.26(0.78 to 2.06)0.349Ref
 ≤Primary school46/103(10.8)2.34(1.74 to 3.26)<0.0011.88(1.05 to 3.36)0.033
Occupational class*
 Non-manual27/73(8.4)1.67(1.11 to 2.51)0.013Ref
 Manual37/94(9.2)2.14(1.52 to 3.03<0.0011.28(0.75 to 2.19)0.359
Family income (¥/month)*
 ≥100031/94(7.4)1.52(1.04 to 2.23)0.030Ref
 <100033/73(10.7)2.50(1.73 to 3.60)<0.0011.64(0.97 to 2.78)0.067
Rural/urban living*
 Urban37/103(8.2)1.63(1.15 to 2.32)0.006Ref
 Rural27/64(10.0)2.47(1.65 to 3.69)<0.0011.51(0.88 to 2.57)0.131
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, body mass index, smoking status, alcohol drinking, marital status, living alone, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, angina, depression and dementia, apart from SED indicator itself.

  • †Mortality rate per 100 person-years.

  • ‡HR in patients with SED was divided by HR in patients without SED, within each of four SED indicators.