Table 2

Summary statistics on the average time spent on applications in working days by round, resubmission status and researcher position

ResubmissionLead researcherBefore streamliningAfter streamliningDifference (after–before)
nMean (SD)nMean (SD)Mean95% CI
NoNo1836.4 (7.7)1308.7 (14.7)3.0−0.1 to 6.1
Yes21927.2 (23.1)12928.7 (20.6)2.4−3.1 to 7.9
YesNo1034.0 (4.0)916.5 (8.2)3.11.0 to 5.3
Yes15321.0 (13.4)8917.7 (9.5)−3.0−6.2 to 0.3
  • The estimated mean difference is from a regression model with a random intercept to adjust for multiple responses from the same researcher.