Table 7

Factors influencing avoidance behaviour

OR estimates for avoiding
EffectPoint estimate95% Wald confidence limits
Length of investigation (per month)1.0111.0061.016
Recent or current complaint (vs past complaint)1.2011.0691.350
Outcome of investigation
 No fault/exonerated (yes vs no)0.8930.5941.340
 Retraining imposed (yes vs no)1.7871.0333.092
 Disciplinary action (yes vs no)1.2110.6822.152
 Suspended from practise (yes vs no)1.0660.5662.008
 Struck off from the register (yes vs no)0.6260.1193.305
 The process was not clearly concluded (yes vs no)1.2020.8051.796
Where did the complaint come from
 Trust (yes vs no)1.3380.9101.968
 Medical colleagues (yes vs no)1.4391.1341.826
 Patient (yes vs no)1.3641.1141.670
 Management (yes vs no)1.5851.1632.161
 Media (yes vs no)0.8660.3801.972
 Patient group (yes vs no)1.7081.0192.866
 Other healthcare professional (yes vs no)1.3261.0151.731
 Anonymous (yes vs no)1.5801.0572.360
Type of complaint
 GMC referral (vs informal complaint)1.0820.8851.323
 SUI (vs informal complaint)1.1120.9041.368
 Formal complaint (vs informal complaint)1.0360.8931.203
  • GMC, General Medical Council; SUI, serious untoward incident.