Table 2

Comparison of cases of diarrhoea by different definitions in placebo and probiotic groups

Definitions of diarrhoeaPlacebo cases/total participantsProbiotic cases/total participantsp Value
A (SC ≥5, ≥2 stools/day for ≥2 days)21/361/34<0.001
B (SC ≥5, ≥3 stools/day for ≥2 days)16/360/34<0.001
C (SC ≥6, ≥2 stools/day for ≥2 days)8/360/340.005
D (SC ≥6, ≥3 stools/day for ≥2 days)6/360/340.025
Any of the above27/361/34<0.001
  • Fisher's exact analysis. Stool consistency (SC) data is based on the Bristol Stool Scale.

  • Holm–Bonferroni corrected α values: A=0.01; B=0.0125; C=0.025; D=0.05; Any=0.0167.