Table 1

Definitions of variables

After1 if the time is after the essential drug policy was implemented, 0 otherwise
NEMP1 if the health centre is in the intervention group, 0 otherwise
NEMP×After1 if the time is after the essential drug policy and the health centre in treatment group, 0 otherwise
Certified doctorsNumbers of certified doctors
BedsNumbers of beds
Log of GDPLog of the GDP per capita at county level
Outpatient expLog of average outpatient expenditure of care per visit
Inpatient expLog of average inpatient expenses per discharged patient
Outpatient drug expLog of average outpatient drug expenditure per visit
Inpatient drug expLog of average inpatient drug expenditure per discharge patient
Daily visits per doctorAverage number of visits per certified doctor per day
Daily inpatient stays per doctorAverage number of inpatients stay per certified doctor per day
  • GDP, gross domestic product; NEMP, National Essential Medicines Policy.