Table 5

Time and costs of one administration process, and extrapolated to department level

One administration processDepartment in 1 year
Time (min)Costs (€)*Time (h)Costs (€)‡
Fixed (clinical lesson)*
 No complete protocol
Complete protocol72 min€39.4636 h€1183.95
Variable (administering medication)
 No complete protocol2 min 8 s€1.51259 h 33 min€11 007.23
Complete protocol3 min 26 s€2.42417 h 43 min€17 714.76
No complete protocol259 h 33 min€11 007.23
 Complete protocol453 h 43 min€18 898.71
  • *Calculated for one nurse, no allowance for irregular hours included and based on 2 h of preparing and providing a clinical lesson to 10 nurses.

  • ‡Extrapolation was based on 30 employed nurses, assuming that 20 administration processes were performed in 24 h in one department.