TableĀ 1

Checklist proceedings of the protocol for administrating parenteral medication3

1. Check medicationChecking the drug on the basis of a medication list or distribution list
2. Prepare administrationPreparation of administration: setting pump and speed of injection
3. Collect materialsGathering the needed materials and checking the administration label
4. Identify patientIdentifying the patient either electronically or by checking the name, date of birth, patient number and type of medication
5. Hand hygieneHand disinfection before administration/wearing gloves during administration
6. Check flow infusionChecking the intravenous medication line before administering the medication
7. Check pump modeChecking or setting the pump mode before administering medication
8. Check by a second nurseHaving a second nurse check the order, medication, dosage, administration route, administration rate, patient and time of administration
9. Sign medication orderAs the administrator, signing the medication order