Table 1

Description of study variables for all 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto, Canada

VariableValue for that variable
Population of Toronto (2006)
 Total size of population studied for all ages, across all neighbourhoods2 493 125
 Total number of residents aged 20–59 years, across all neighbourhoods1 478 610
 Percentage of male residents aged 20–59 years, across all neighbourhoods48.4
 Mean (SD) number of residents per neighbourhood aged 20–59 years10 562 (5115)
 Mean (SD) number of residents per neighbourhood aged 20–49 years8307 (4149)
 Mean (SD) number of males aged 20–59 years/10 000 residents5113 (2520)
 Mean (SD) number of females aged 20–59 years/10 000 residents5448 (2623)
 Mean (SD) number of males aged 20–49 years/10 000 residents4042 (2061)
 Mean (SD) number of females aged 20–49 years/10 000 residents4264 (2110)
Neighbourhood area, km2
 Mean (SD); Min; Max4.5 (4.6); 0.4; 37.5
All alcohol outlets*
 Total number for all neighbourhoods4626
 Mean (SD) number per km212.9 (22.2)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with no outlets1 (0.7)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with ≥1 outlet139 (99.3)
Alcohol-focused outlets†
 Total number for all neighbourhoods428
 Mean (SD) number per km21.2 (1.9)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with no outlets34 (24.3)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with ≥1 outlet106 (75.7)
Median (IQR) material deprivation index4 (3)
 Total number for all neighbourhoods472
 Mean (SD) number per km21.1 (1.3)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with no banks14 (10.0)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with ≥1 bank126 (90.0)
All crime (2006)
 Mean (SD) number of all crimes per 10 000 residents425.9 (255.6)
 Mean (SD) number of violent crimes per 10 000 residents103.5 (54.3)
Cheque cashing places
 Total number for all neighbourhoods310
 Mean (SD) number of cheque cashing places per km20.8 (1.2)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with no cheque cashing places42 (30.0)
 Number (%) of neighbourhoods with ≥1 cheque cashing place98 (70.0)
  • *Includes all on-premise alcohol licensed facilities, as well as liquor and beer stores.

  • †Restricted to specific on-premise alcohol licensed facilities (see online supplementary table 2), as well as liquor and beer stores.

  • Min, minimum; Max, maximum.