Table 4

Different completed features of antibiotic prescriptions using the IDEAS and ICHNT charts

 IDEAS Chart
n=28 (% of total orders)
n=29 (% of total orders)
Significant difference at 5% level after Holm-Bonferroni (p value)IDEAS Chart shows significant improvement at 5% level? (p value)
Is the duration of course documented?Yes26 (93%)15 (52%)<0.0008Yes (<0.0001)
Is the indication for antibiotics indicated?Yes28 (100%)17 (59%)0.0001Yes (<0.0001)
Is contact (bleep number) entered?Yes24 (86%)9 (31%)<0.001Yes (<0.0001)
Is the prescriber name entered and legible?Yes27 (96%)0 (0%)<0.001Yes (<0.0001)