Table 1

Intervention description using the Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) checklist

1. Brief nameEducational workshop for health and exercise professionals on effective prescription of exercise to prevent falls in older age
2. WhyThe framework of the programme has been designed based on evidence from a Cochrane systematic review of 30 trials,5 which found educational programmes for health professionals that are based on a mixture of didactic and interactive teaching strategies have greater effects on clinical practice than purely didactic sessions.
The education programme has been designed using concepts of adult learning, including Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy.17 The programme will facilitate participant behavioural change and build confidence by providing goal setting, formative feedback about exercise prescription, social support and other relevant behavioural change strategies5 18
3. What materialsInformation will be presented with a mix of audiovisual resources and group-based practical activities. Participants will receive a printed copy of the information presented and printed information about how to access the internet-based resources to assist with the prescription of evidence-based fall prevention exercise. The presentations will contain information about the social and economic burden of falls, fall risk factors, the physiological consequences of ageing, biomechanical and physiological principles of balance and effective exercise-based fall prevention strategies.
The internet-based resources may include the Physiotherapy Exercises database (, Active and Healthy website produced by the NSW Ministry of Health ( and online training for the Otago Exercise Programme offered through the North Carolina Area Health Education Centre (
4. What proceduresThere will be a series of topics covered in the educational workshop as outlined below
Module 1
  • Epidemiology of falls

  • The physiology of balance and falls

  • The biomechanics of balance and falls

  • Gait assessment, practical activity

Module 2
  • Fall risk assessment

  • Fall risk assessment, practical activity

Module 3
  • Fall prevention strategies: how to interpret the evidence

  • Exercise prescription for older people and fall prevention

  • Prescribing exercise to prevent falls, practical activity

Module 4
  • Medical conditions impacting exercise tolerance

  • Fall prevention programme implementation and management

  • Tailoring exercise programmes for clinical groups, practical activity

Formative feedback activities such as self-report quizzes and guided practical instruction on how to prescribe exercises will be undertaken during each module
5. Who providedTwo fall prevention experts, with clinical training in physiotherapy or exercise physiology and over 10 years of research experience will deliver each of the workshops
6. HowThe educational workshop will be delivered face-to-face to groups of up to 35 people at a time
7. WhereThe educational workshops will be delivered in a number of locations in NSW
8. When and how muchParticipants will each attend one workshop of 7 h in total and will have ongoing access to internet-based support resources
9. TailoringAll participants will receive the same workshop content and access to the same internet-based resources