Table 4

Diagnosis by the three most commonly prescribed first-generation and second-generation antipsychotics 2007–2011

DiagnosisHaloperidol (N=4913)Chlorpromazine (N=4404)Trifluoperazine (N=2633)Olanzapine (N=11 502)Quetiapine (N=13 326)Risperidone (N=9956)
nPer centnPer centnPer centnPer centnPer centnPer cent
 Any SMI diagnosis13312715453578330709462482436459746
 Bipolar disorder2986343811951655141689137267
 Other SMI26753348203818981711639129113
 On SMI register only146323551024481448344374
 Any non-SMI diagnosis276256224151152958375333762357408541
 Sleep disorders761158151951119112410192614107811
 None of the above*82017618143211265568797127413
  • *If a person has an SMI diagnosis, any non-SMI diagnoses will not be included in the numbers below. For those who do not have an SMI diagnosis, all non-SMI diagnoses will be shown (ie, they are not mutually exclusive). ‘None of the above’ means not having an SMI diagnosis or any of the non-SMI diagnoses in the table.

  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder; PD, personality disorder; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; SMI, serious mental illness.