TableĀ 7

Suggested methods of improving adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting among healthcare professionals, Uganda, 2013

MethodFreqencyPer cent
Sensitise, train and give continuous medical education to healthcare professionals66642.0
Make forms available, eg, in patient hospital files in wards26216.5
Sensitise the public through media, posters and counsel patients about ADRs15910.5
Create liaison office to coordinate ADR reporting in each health facility744.6
Incentivise reporting/motivate health workers/provide financial support654.1
Provide toll-free telephone line or online ADR reporting system583.6
Increase and strengthen onsite support/supervision382.4
Compulsory ADR reporting231.4
Give feedback to ADR reporters211.3
Increase awareness of existence of the National Pharmacovigilance Centre211.3