Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the AMIGO cohort members (N=6561 men, and N=8268 women)

CharacteristicPer cent*Comparative figures
SexThe Netherlands (age 30–65 years)†
Age at baselineThe Netherlands (age 30–65 years)†
 31–40 years17.725.8%
 41–50 years30.432.1%
 51–60 years34.028.8%
 60–65 years17.913.3%
Civil state
 Married, registered partners or living together80.3 
 LAT relationship2.3 
 Single (no partner)8.8 
Urbanisation level baseline addressAll addresses in the Netherlands†
 Very high (on average >2500 addresses per km2)8.420.5%
 High (on average 1500–2500 addresses per km2)20.124.0%
 Moderate (on average 1000–1500 addresses per km2)20.918.1%
 Low (on average 500–1000 addresses per km2)24.418.6%
 Very low (on average <500 addresses per km2)25.718.8%
Highest achieved level of educationThe Netherlands (age 35–65 year)†
 Low (vocational education/community college)3124%
 Intermediate (vocational/high school)3255%
 High (college/university or higher)3621%
Employment status, most applicable
 (Early) retirement9.3 
 Unemployed/looking for work2.4 
 Sick leave/disability4.6 
 Housewife/men/charity/voluntary aid/study/other/social security12.0 
Paid job
Cigarette smoking
Alcohol consumption
 Ever, but not in the past 12 months7.4
 Currently on averages on 1 or 2 days per week in the past 12 months36.0
 Currently on averages on 3 or more days per week in the past 12 months50.7
BMI The Netherlands (age 19–65 years) based on self-report‡
 Overweight: BMI 25–30 kg/m24740%
 Obesity: BMI >30 kg/m21411%
 Overweight: BMI 25–30 kg/m23227%
 Obesity: BMI >30 kg/m21713%
  • *Percentages based on valid answers; there were 26, 60, 20, 18, 25, 28 and 28 missing values for civil state, urbanisation level baseline address, employment status, paid job, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and BMI, respectively.

  • †Statistics Netherlands (2013).

  • ‡See ref 18.

  • AMIGO, Occupational and Environmental Health Cohort Study; BMI, body mass index; LAT, living-apart-together.