Table 5

Longitudinal assessment of employment status in chronic fatigue syndrome

SourceInterventionTime of follow-up
Patients evaluated for work status
Patients employed at baseline/follow-up
Andersen et al23None603323/9
Vercoulen et al24None1824628/29
Tiersky et al25None423532/23
McDermott et al29LMP18740/42
Deale et al26CBT6025*
Prins et al27CBT1458
  • *Similar proportions of patients in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT group; 56%) versus relaxation therapy control group (39%) were employed at 5-year follow-up. CBT group patients worked more hours per week, 36 versus 24.

  • †Hours working in a job were similar in the CBT group and the natural course control group.

  • CBT, cognitive behaviour therapy; LMP, life management programme, occupational therapy.