Table 2

Strategies to increase facilitators and decrease barriers to integration, corresponding with the study findings

Strategies that may enhance TCA integration for essential health services delivery, based on our findingsStrategies that promote
Strategies that remove
CollegialityStaturePersonal initiativePersonal experienceFragmentationIsolationLack of trust/awarenessInadequate infrastructure/resources
High-level political will required for all strategies
 Case documentation and sharing across systems, and in the academic literature
 Routine opportunities for interaction and collaboration across systems (eg, health camps, health promotion drives)
 Routine opportunities for interaction within co-located facilities (eg, staff meetings)
 Rewards for the integrative initiative of individuals (eg, challenge grants or institutional recognition)
 Rewards for the integrative initiative at the systems or facility level (eg, joint targets such as the number of monthly referrals, number of cases resolved jointly)
 Guidelines for collaboration (criteria and conditions for cross-referral, jointly developed by practitioners, non-clinical aspects of work together, including health promotion and managerial duties)