Table 1

Required data fields

Data fieldAlternatives
Patient IDLocal hospital field
GenderMale, female
ASA score (see glossary of terms).I, II, III, IV, V, not recorded
History of diabetesNo, diet, controlled, tablet controlled, insulin controlled
HIV statusPositive, negative, unknown
Smoking statusCurrent, previous, never, unknown
Preoperative CT performed?Yes/no—but CT would be available if needed/no—CT not available for this patient
If CT was unavailable for this patient, what was the main reason?No CT scanner in this hospital/CT scanner present but electrical supply unavailable/CT scanner present but not working/CT scanner present but no reporting service available/CT scanner present but patient unable to pay for CT/other reason/not applicable
Date of operationDD/MM/YY
Time of start of operation (knife to skin)24 h clock
Time from hospital admission to start of operation (h)<3, 3–5, 6–11, 12–23, 24–47, 48–71, 72+
Was a surgical safety checklist (WHO or equivalent) used?Yes—fully used, yes—used in part, no
Most senior surgeon present: trainingMedically qualified surgical specialist; medically qualified non-specialist; non-doctor surgical specialist; non-doctor and non-specialist
Most senior surgeon present: experience since qualification*<5 years since finishing medical school*;
≥5 years since finishing medical school*
Most senior anaesthetist present: trainingMedically qualified anaesthetic specialist; medically qualified non-specialist; non-doctor anaesthetic specialist; non-doctor and non-specialist; not applicable: no anaesthetist
Most senior anaesthetist present: experience (*or equivalent undergraduate/training course if non-doctor)<5 years since finishing medical school*
≥5 years since finishing medical school*
Not applicable: no anaesthetist
Anaesthetic typeGeneral anaesthetic, spinal anaesthetic, local anaesthetic, sedation only (eg, ketamine)
Supplementary oxygenYes—via bottle or mains supply; yes—via oxygen concentrator; no—but oxygen available; no—oxygen not available
IncisionMidline, paramedian, transverse, gridiron, Lanz, groin, rooftop, Kocher's, Laparoscopic (+/− open specimen extraction), laparoscopic converted to open
Primary operation performedFixed fields, other (free text)
Was bowel resection performed?Yes—hand-sewn anastomosis, yes—stapled anastomosis, yes—stoma without anastomosis, no
Stoma formationLoop ileostomy, loop colostomy, end ileostomy, end colostomy, other, none
Main pathology/indicationFixed fields, other (free text)
Was a pulse oximeter used throughout surgery?Yes, no but available, no not available
Were antibiotics given?Yes, no but available, no not available
Whole blood or blood product(s) used?Yes—whole blood, yes—blood products (eg, packed red calls, FFP, plasma, platelets), no—but available at this hospital, no blood products available at this hospital
Thromboembolic prophylaxis (drug=heparin, etc, mechanical=stockings/pneumatic boots, etc)1. Yes—drug and mechanical, 2. yes—drug only, 3. yes—mechanical only, 4. yes—other, 5. none
Intraoperative/24 h mortalityAlive, dead
Was there an intraoperative or postoperative complication that led to an unplanned 30-day critical care admission?Yes, no—but available if needed, no—critical care not available at this hospital, unknown
30-day re-intervention (tick-box)Yes—surgical, yes—endoscopic, yes—interventional radiology, no, unknown
30-day mortality (if alive at the point of discharge and no follow-up information available, indicate Alive)Died-day of surgery, died-inpatient after day of surgery, died-outpatient, alive, unknown
Length of stay following surgery (day of surgery is day 0). Leaving blank indicates unknown. If stay was 30 days or longer, indicate 30 daysDays
Other complication(s) not resulting in critical care, reintervention or mortality?Yes/no
Anastomotic leakYes/no
Wound infectionYes/no
Intra-abdominal/pelvic abscessYes/no
  • *Or equivalent undergraduate/training course if non-doctor.